Volume 15, Number 6

Maximum Throughput First Access Point Selection Scheme for Multi-Rate Software-Defined Wireless Network


Hassen A. Mogaibel and Majed Hashim, Al-Ahgaff University, Yemen


As the number of devices increases, many businesses deploy multiple access points (APs) in neighboring areas to provide Internet service. In such networks, a mobile station (MS) often has multiple APs within its coverage area, and deciding which AP to associate with becomes a significant issue that can influence network performance. Software Defined Network (SDN) has recently become a popular technology for making intelligent mobile station assignment decisions for APs. In a multi-rate Wi-Fi network, the actual bandwidth of high-rate links can be reduced to that of low-rate links. In this paper, we propose a Maximum Throughput First (MTF)AP selection scheme, which is a refinement of existing Mininet Wi-Fi mechanisms. MTF considers the parameters of actual throughput achieved by the access point and the number of associated stations as selection metrics when making the association decision. The simulation results show that MTF provides better performance, especially in multi-rate environments.


Mininet Wi-Fi, Association Control, Access Point Selection, Handover, Software-defined Wireless Network