Volume 15, Number 6

Hop Count Based Interest Selection and Content Forwarding Scheme for Vehicular Named Data Networks


Nithin Rao R and Rinki Sharma, Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences, India


Vehicular Named Data Networks (VNDN) face challenges in efficiently disseminating content due to high mobility and intermittent connectivity. To address these challenges, a Hop Count based Interest Selection and Content Forwarding (HISCF) scheme for VNDNs is proposed. The scheme focuses on mitigating interest flooding, reducing data packet duplication, and alleviating network congestion. HISCF consists of two components: interest selection and content forwarding. The selection process chooses a vehicle based on hop count and Interest Satisfaction Ratio (ISR) to forward the interest packet. Content forwarding is performed considering a hop count limit and pending interests, ensuring efficient content delivery. The HISCF scheme is evaluated using extensive simulations in ns-3 with ndnSIM. Performance metrics such as Data Packet Replication Count (DPRC), total number of interest packets forwarded, Interest Response Time (IRT) and routing overhead are analysed. Results show that HISCF outperforms naïve VNDN, reducing DPRC, minimizing interest packets forwarded, and decreasing average IRT. The findings demonstrate that HISCF effectively mitigates interest broadcast storms, reduces data packet duplication, and improves content delivery efficiency in VNDNs. This study contributes to VNDN research advancement and provides insights for designing effective content forwarding mechanisms in vehicular networks.


Vehicular Named Data Networks, Content Dissemination, Interest Selection, Content Forwarding, Network Performance.