Volume 15, Number 6

Random Relay Selection based Heuristic Optimization Model for the Scheduling and Effective Resource Allocation in the Cognitive Radio Network


Aravindkumaran.S and Dr.Saraswady.D, Puducherry Technological University, India


Cognitive Radio Network (CRN) provides effective capabilities for resource allocation with the valuable spectrum resources in the network. It provides the effective allocation of resources to the unlicensed users or Secondary Users (SUs) to access the spectrum those are unused by the licensed users or Primary Users (Pus). This paper develops an Optimal Relay Selection scheme with the spectrum-sharing scheme in CRN. The proposed Cross-Layer Spider Swarm Shiftingis implemented in CRN for the optimal relay selection with Spider Swarm Optimization (SSO). The shortest path is estimated with the data shifting model for the data transmission path in the CRN. This study examines a cognitive relay network (CRN) with interference restrictions imposed by a mobile end user (MU). Half-duplex communication is used in the proposed system model between a single primary user (PU) and a single secondary user (SU). Between the SU source and SU destination, an amplify and forward (AF) relaying mechanism is also used. While other nodes (SU Source, SU relays, and PU) are supposed to be immobile in this scenario, the mobile end user (SU destination) is assumed to travel at high vehicle speeds. The suggested method achieves variety by placing a selection combiner at the SU destination and dynamically selecting the optimal relay for transmission based on the greatest signal-to-noise (SNR) ratio. The performance of the proposed Cross-Layer Spider Swarm Shifting model is compared with the Spectrum Sharing Optimization with QoS Guarantee (SSO-QG). The comparative analysis expressed that the proposed Cross-Layer Spider Swarm Shifting model delay is reduced by 15% compared with SSO-QG. Additionally, the proposed Cross-Layer Spider Swarm Shiftingexhibits the improved network performance of ~25% higher throughput compared with SSO-QG.


Cognitive Radio Network (CRN), Cross-layer, Spider swarm optimization, Data shifting, Spatio-constraints