Volume 10, Number 6

Steganographic Substitution of the Least Significant Bit Determined Through Analysis of the Cover Image and the Encrypted Message


Martha Angelica Garcia-Villa, Ricardo Francisco Martinez-Gonzalez, Juan Francisco Mejia-Perez, Miguel Valerio-Canales and Yesenia Isabel Moreno-Pavan, Tecnologico Nacional de México/IT Veracruz, Mexico


The present workproposes to perform an analysis of the similarities between the least significant two bits of the cover image and multiple series of two-bit-length encrypted frames, all of them from the cryptomessage. After finding the most similar frame, we proceed to substitute it into the cover image; nevertheless, to provide a proof of the improvement from using itor the least similar one, the statistics from both cases are obtained.Providing information that the more similar the frame is, the better statistics the stego-image has. Moreover, the statistics obtained from our work are also compared with other works, finding that we provide a good scheme for hiding information.


Steganographic scheme, Information encryption, Substitution of the least significant bits.