Volume 10, Number 6

Efficient Adaptation of Fuzzy Controller for Smooth Sending Rate to Avoid Congestion in Multicast Networks


Deepa V B and Ushadevi M B, JawaharaLal Nehru National College of Engineering Shimogga, Karnataka, India


This paper prefers a fuzzy-logic-based sending rate adaption scheme named FSR(Fuzzy Sending Rate) intending to improve the evenness of TCPFriendly Multicast Congestion Control (TFMCC). To mitigate fluctuation of sending rate for TFMCC sender, FSR intends, five actions and link utilization for tuning sending rate and uses a fuzzy controller to determine which operation should be reaped according to the feedback information from CLR (current limiting receiver). Asymmetrical membership functions and biased fuzzy inference rules make FSR as friendly to TCP flows as TFMCC. Simulation results show that FSR has exceptional smoothness and fine TCP Friendliness.


Tfmcc, Rtt, Link Utilization, Sending Rate, Fuzzy Controller