Volume 11, Number 1

Speech Recognition by Improving the Performance of Algorithms Used in Discrimination


Ahmar -Haeder Talib Mahde ,AL Iraqia University College of Engineering, Iraq


Speech recognition techniques are one of the most important modern technologies. Many different systems have been developed in terms of methods used in the extraction of features and methods of classification. Voice recognition includes two areas: speech recognition and speaker recognition, where the research is confined to the field of speech recognition. The research presents a proposal to improve the performance of single word recognition systems by an algorithm that combines more than one of the techniques used in character extraction and modulation of the neural network to study the effects of recognition science and study the effect of noise on the proposed system. In this research four systems of speech recognition were studied, the first system adopted the MFCC algorithm to extract the features. The second system adopted the PLP algorithm, while the third system was based on combining the two previous algorithms in addition to the zero-passing rate. In the fourth system, the neural network used in the differentiation process was modified and the error ratio was determined. The impact of noise on these previous systems. The outcomes were looked at regarding the rate of recognizable proof and the season of preparing the neural network for every system independently, to get a rate of distinguishing proof and quiet up to 98% utilizing the proposed framework.


Speech Recognition, PLP, MFCC, Artificial Neural Networks (ANN)