Volume 11, Number 1

Minimizing Distortion in Steganog-Raphy Based on Image Feature


Dong Wu, Lingnan Normal University, China


There are two defects in WOW. One is image feature is not considered when hiding information through minimal distortion path and it leads to high total distortion. Another is total distortion grows too rapidly with hidden capacity increasing and it leads to poor anti-detection when hidden capacity is large. To solve these two problems, a new algorithm named MDIS was proposed. MDIS is also based on the minimizing additive distortion framework of STC and has the same distortion function with WOW. The feature that there are a large number of pixels, having the same value with one of their eight neighbour pixels and the mechanism of secret sharing are used in MDIS, which can reduce the total distortion, improve the antidetection and increase the value of PNSR. Experimental results showed that MDIS has better invisibility, smaller distortion and stronger anti-detection than WOW


Information Hiding; Minimal Distortion; Secret Sharing; Eight Neighbour Pixels; PSNR; Anti-Detection