Volume 11, Number 2

Towards an Approach for Integrating Business Continuity Management Into Enterprise Architecture


Hanane Anir, Mounia Fredj and Meryem Kassou, Mohammed V University, Morocco


In today’s global and complex business environment, security is a major issue for any organization. All organizations should have the capability to plan and respond to incidents and business disruptions. Business continuity management is part of information security management and the process of Business continuity management (BCM) can meet these needs. Indeed, Business Continuity refers to the ability of a business to continue its operations even if some sort of failure or disaster occurs. Business continuity management (BCM) requires a holistic approach that considers technological and organizational aspects. Besides, Enterprise architecture (EA) is a comprehensive view of organizational architecture, business, and technology architecture and their relationships. EA is also considered by several studies as a foundation for BC and security management. Our research aims at studying how BCM aspect can be embedded into the enterprise architecture. In this sense, this paper proposes a metamodel and an implementation method that considers BC in the design and implementation of EA.


Business Continuity Management, Enterprise Architecture, Security Management, Enterprise Risk Management, MetaModeling