Volume 11, Number 2

Compromising Systems: Implementing Hacking Phases


Marlon intal tayag1 and Maria emmalyn asuncion de vigal capuno2, 1Holy Angel University, Philippines and 2Future University, Sudan


In the cyber world more and more cyber-attacks are being perpetrated. Hackers have now become the warriors of the internet. They attack and do harmful things to compromised system. This paper will show the methodology use by hackers to gained access to system and the different tools used by them and how they are group based on their skills. It will identify exploits that can be used to attack a system and find mitigation to those exploits.
In addition, the paper discusses the actual implementation of the hacking phases with the virtual machines use in the process. The virtual machines specification is also listed. it will also provide means and insights on how to protect one system from being compromised.


compromised systems, hacking, penetration testing, exploit, vulnerability