Volume 11, Number 2

A Novel Prototype Model for Swarm Mobile Robot Navigation Based Fuzzy Logic Controller


Sherif Kamel Hussein and Mashael Amer Al-Mutairi, Arab East Colleges for Graduate Studies, KSA


Autonomous mobile robots have been used to carry out different tasks without continuous human guidance. To achieve the tasks, they must be able to navigate and avoid different kinds of obstacles that faced them. Navigation means that the robot can move through the environment to reach a destination. Obstacles avoidance considers a challenge which robot must overcome. In this work, the authors propose an efficient technique for obstacles avoidance through navigation of swarm mobile robot in an unstructured environment. All robots cooperate with each other to avoid obstacles. The robots detect the obstacles position around them and store their positions in shared memory. By accessing the shared memory, the other robots of the swarm can avoid the detected obstacles when they face them. To implement this idea, the Authors used a MATLABĀ® and V-REPĀ® (Virtual Robot Experimentation Platform)


mobile robot, swarm robot, navigation, obstacle avoidance, fuzzy logic controller