Volume 11, Number 3

Design and Implementation of A Raspberry-pi Based Home Security and Fire Safety System


Sajid M. Sheikh1, Modise K. Neiso2 and Fatma Ellouze3, 1,2University of Botswana, Gaborone, Botswana and 3Univeristy of Sfax, Tunisia


Fire alarms and building security systems are currently separate systems and are liable to monthly fees. Video recording for closed-circuit television (CCTV) is done locally subsequently requiring high storage space. Whenever there is a break-in, the footage records can be stolen consequently losing data. To address high data storage space, monthly premium subscriptions, cost of separate systems and data loss issues of the aforementioned systems, we design and implement a Raspberry-pi based fire and intrusion detection systems in this work. The system sends an SMS in the case of an intrusion or fire detection, and then records and uploads the surveillance videos. The system used a GSM modem for sending SMSs, a video, a PIR sensor to detect motion and a smoke or heat sensor to detect fire. The system is a low cost combined home security and fire detection Raspberry-pi system intended for home and small offices use.


Raspberry-Pi, PIR, GSM, Security