Volume 11, Number 3

An Approach to Extracting Distributed Data From the Integrated Environment of Web
Technologies Based on Set Theory


Cheikh Ould El Mabrouk and Karim Konaté, University Cheikh Anta DIOP, Senegal


The composition and extraction of the information distributed by the different web technologies allow a design of a multifunction imported data environment. However, the problems of integration and communication between the heterogeneous data web always (lodges) on distributed servers.

In fact, Web technologies have been proposed to meet certain needs related to heterogeneous and distributed information systems for communicating and exchanging computerized data on the Web.

Further more, web generations go through client-server communication (from a static, dynamic and semantic web human client) to server-server communication. For this purpose, Web services are technology application integration by excellence across the Internet.

They operate independently of the heterogeneities of the system components on which they are based and are weakly coupled software components interacting with each other. This paper aims to achieve a management approach to extracting and modeling distributed information based on set theory and calculate the execution time of a query to this distributed data.


Web Technologies, Data, Distribution, Integration, Modeling, Query, Optimization