Volume 11, Number 3

Performance Evaluation of Parallel Bubble Sort Algorithm on Supercomputer IMAN1


Reem Saadeh and Mohammad Qatawneh, The University of Jordan, Jordan


Parallel sorting algorithms order a set of elements USING MULTIPLE processors in order to enhance the performance of sequential sorting algorithms. In general, the performance of sorting algorithms are EVALUATED IN term of algorithm growth rate according to the input size. In this paper, the running time, parallel speedup and parallel efficiency OF PARALLEL bubble sort is evaluated and measured. Message Passing Interface (MPI) IS USED for implementing the parallel version of bubble sort and IMAN1 supercomputer is used to conduct the results. The evaluation results show that parallel bubble sort has better running time as the number of processors increases. On other hand, regarding parallel efficiency, parallel bubble sort algorithm is more efficient to be applied OVER SMALL number of processors.


MPI, Parallel Bubble Sort, Parallel Efficiency, Speed Up