Volume 11, Number 3

A Survey on Security Challenges of Virtualization Technology in Cloud Computing


Nadiah M. Almutairy1 and Khalil H. A. Al-Shqeerat2, 1College of Sciences and Arts in Rass, Saudi Arabia and 2Qassim University, Saudi Arabia


Virtualization has become a widely and attractive employed technology in cloud computing environments. Sharing of a single physical machine between multiple isolated virtual machines leading to a more optimized hardware usage, as well as make the migration and management of a virtual system more efficiently than its physical counterpart. Virtualization is a fundamental technology in a cloud environment.

However, the presence of an additional abstraction layer among software and hardware causes new security issues. Security issues related to virtualization technology have become a significant concern for organizations due to arising some new security challenges.

This paper aims to identify the main challenges and risks of virtualization in cloud computing environments. Furthermore, it focuses on some common virtual-related threats and attacks affect the security of cloud computing.

The survey was conducted to obtain the views of the cloud stakeholders on virtualization vulnerabilities, threats, and approaches that can be used to overcome them. Finally, we propose recommendations for improving security, and mitigating risks encounter virtualization that necessary to adopt secure cloud computing.


Cloud Computing, Virtualization, Security, Challenge, Risk