Volume 11, Number 4

An Effect of Using A Storage Medium in Dijkstra Algorithm Performance for Ideal Implicit Path Cost


Ibtusam Alashoury and Mabroukah Amarif, Sebha University, Sebha, Libya


The graph model is used widely for representing connected objects within a specific area. These objects are defined as nodes; where the connection is represented as arc called edges. The shortest path between two nodes is one of the most focus researchers’ attentions. Many algorithms are developed with different structured approach for reducing the shortest path cost. The most widely used algorithm is Dijkstra algorithm. This algorithm has been represented with various structural developments in order to reduce the shortest path cost. This paper highlights the idea of using a storage medium to store the solution path from Dijkstra algorithm, then, uses it to find the implicit path in an ideal time cost. The performance of Dijkstra algorithm using an appropriate data structure is improved. Our results emphasize that the searching time through the given data structure is reduced within different graphs models.


Dijkstra algorithm, data structure, time complexity, implicit path, graphs