Volume 11, Number 4

Remote Monitoring L.V. Switchboard Power Status with 5G New Radio Network Application


Tony Tsang and Lam Sai Chung, Hong Kong College of Technology, Hong Kong


In a power distribution system of most of the buildings, A Low Voltage (L.V.) switchboard was applied to protect the system. There are different components in the switchboard (e.g. circuit breakers, over current protection relay, earth fault protection relay etc.). There are also some components for measure the power quality which is the power analyser. A power analyser (including Voltmeter, Ammeter, Multi-meter) is using to measure the power quality in the electrical power distribution system. Most of the electrical power distributions systems have been connected the power analysers to a building management system. The power analysers connected to a computer in a fixed position that means if someone wants to check the power distribution status, the person needs to go to the computer to check. In this project, a system would be made to monitoring the power status by 5G New Radio (NR) Network application with android smartphone. Since 5G NR Network can provide a theoretical peak download capacity of 20 Gigabits per second. It would be more convenient to monitoring the power status in different place by checking though in the Internet of Things (IoT)


Low Voltage (L.V.) switchboard, 5G New Radio (NR) Network, Internet of Things, Mobile Network