Volume 11, Number 5

Election System Based on Blockchain Technology


Noor Mohammedali and Ali Al-Sherbaz, Northampton University, UK


There is no uncertainty that the chroma currency is very popular for the transaction information stored in the block of blocks. To initiate the importance of blocking, there is only one distributed ledger in which data is stored, since many of the centers in the blockchain network limit enough records for these records. This document proposes a decision-making framework based on innovation to create a secure, unjustifiable, accurate and transparent framework for voter privacy. In addition, it is voted and declared in this context that the race has a short period of time, since it is automatically registered in the table. This framework also gives society confidence in its legislation when applying this technique. In this framework, an administrator can add a candidate and a voter to the block. In different hands, a voter can log into the framework and then decide in favor of a candidate that the details of the vote should be stored in the block. In addition, each square in the blockchain innovation that relates to the previous square contains the hash of the previous square, and each square contains explicit data based on the square footage. The hub is connected by a peer network in this framework, with all the hubs in the block site network that have a complete duplicate block.


Blockchain,Election System, Proof of Work, Smart Contract, E-voting, Peer-to-peer Networks, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Democracy.