Volume 11, Number 5

Estimating the Crest Lines on Polygonal Mesh Models by an Automatic Threshold


Zhihong Mao, Ruichao Wang, Fan Liu and Yulin Zhou, Wuyi University, China


Crest lines convey the inherent features of the shape. Mathematically Crest lines are described via extremes of the surface principal curvatures along their corresponding lines of curvature. In this study we used an automatic threshold estimation technique to estimate crest lines. We firstly computed the principal curvature and corresponding direction for each vertex in the mesh; then we computed the saliency value by a linear combination of the maximal absolute curvature and the absolute curvature difference; finally, we automatically determine the threshold to detect the crest lines according to the saliency value. For illustrative purpose, we demonstrated our method with several examples.


Crest Lines, Polygonal Mesh Models, Curvature