Volume 11, Number 6

Authentication and Verification of Social Networking Accounts Using Blockchain Technology


1Samer Shorman and 2Mohammad Allaymoun, 1Applied Science University, Kingdom of Bahrain and 2AMA International University, Kingdom of Bahrain


Social networking pages authenticate by blockchain technology, through authenticating personal information and profile pages in the form of block and then distributing them with Blockchain to become a trusted reference point. To identified and verified social network accounts. This research proposed an effective and easy technical mechanism to authenticate the personal pages on social networks. Using this mechanism, anyone can authenticate any account on social networks, as well as increasing the possibility of making sure of the real individual behind social networking accounts. Moreover, this technique will show the fake accounts in order to reach a more confident and secure social network environment. Blockchain technique requires only a simple update to the characteristics of its platforms by developers, which is only a participatory mechanism between Blockchain and personal information. It is then combined with personal pages, to indicate that these pages contain the real personal information of the account holder, which is stored in an encrypted block that is difficult to modify, copy, or steal.