Volume 12, Number 1

Concurrency Within Ternary Galois Processing of Highly-regular 3D Networks Via Controlled Nano Switching


Anas N. Al-Rabadi, The University of Jordan, Jordan & Isra University, Jordan


New implementations for concurrent computing applications of 3D networks using corresponding nano and field-emission controlled-switching components are introduced. The developed implementations are performed within 3D lattice-based systems to perform the required concurrent computing. The introduced 3D systems utilize recent findings in field-emission and nano applications to implement the function of the basic 3D lattice networks using nano controlled-switching. This includes ternary lattice computing via carbon nanotubes and carbon field-emission techniques. The presented realization of lattice networks can be important for several reasons including the reduction of power consumption, which is an important specification for the system design in several future and emerging technologies, and in achieving high performance and reliability realizations. The introduced implementations for 3D lattice computations, with 2D lattice networks as a special case, are also important for the design within modern technologies that require optimal design specifications of high speed, high regularity and ease-of-manufacturability, such as in highly-reliable error-correcting signal processing applications.


3D Circuits and Systems, Carbon Nanotubes, Controlled Switching, Lattice Networks, Nanotips