Volume 12, Number 4

XML Encryption and Signature for Securing Web Services


Iehab ALRassan, King Saud University, Saudi Arabia


In this research, we have focused on the most challenging issue that Web Services face, i.e. how to secure their information. Web Services security could be guaranteed by employing security standards, which is the main focus of this search. Every suggested model related to security design should put in the account the securities' objectives; integrity, confidentiality, non- repudiation, authentication, and authorization. The proposed model describes SOAP messages and the way to secure their contents. Due to the reason that SOAP message is the core of the exchanging information in Web Services, this research has developed a security model needed to ensure e-business security. The essence of our model depends on XML encryption and XML signature to encrypt and sign SOAP message. The proposed model looks forward to achieve a high speed of transaction and a strong level of security without jeopardizing the performance of transmission information.


Web Services, SOAP, SAML, XKMS, IDEA, RSA.