Volume 12, Number 4

The Smart Parking Management System


Amira. A. Elsonbaty1 and Mahmoud Shams2, 1Higher institute of engineering and technology, Egypt, 2Kafrelsheikh University, Egypt


With growing, Car parking increases with the number of car users. With the increased use of smartphones and their applications, users prefer mobile phone-based solutions. This paper proposes the Smart Parking Management System (SPMS) that depends on Arduino parts, Android applications, and based on IoT. This gave the client the ability to check available parking spaces and reserve a parking spot. IR sensors are utilized to know if a car park space is allowed. Its area data are transmitted using the WI-FI module to the server and are recovered by the mobile application which offers many options attractively and with no cost to users and lets the user check reservation details. With IoT technology, the smart parking system can be connected wirelessly to easily track available locations.


Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, Smart Parking, Smart City, Mobile Application.