Volume 12, Number 4

Railway Safety Protection with Android Mobile Application for 5G New Radio Network


Tony Tsang and Man Cheng Chong, Hong Kong College of Technology, Hong Kong


In every night of non-traffic hours, different jobs are conducting maintenance works in “Railway” trackside area. This project will explain a specific section of track under the sole control an Engineer’s Person-in-Charge as procedures. And how to provide protection methods by which a person or persons on or near a track are safeguarded from potential train movements or a train is safeguarded from other train movements or obstructions, or persons or equipment are safeguarded from traction power.Consolidated past several investigation reports and according to related is rules, workflow or procedures etc. to summarize. There are protection tools left on trackside area incident caused by the workers are forgetting and poor management. Proposed are different project themes in the light of their expertise, experience and observation in their daily works. The proposed themes are compared, assessed and prioritized under the criteria - “Manageable”, “Measurable”, “Result of Benefit”, “Standardization” and “Priority” in the Decision Matrix. Establish some solve problem methods for comparing to find out which that lower-cost plan accordingly. I came up with a conclusion and the ideas as develop a mobile application and create a unique QR code label with equipment naming to facilitate each worker management of protection tools. This is also fulfilled in popular terms of Creativity and Innovations. Used the MIT App Inventor (Massachusetts Institute of technology) an intuitive and visual programming preform for mobile application are development. Stage 1: program for individual mobile user application. Stage 2: build-up Network centralized storage with supervising console operation. Stage 3: testing system under with 5G network compatibility, bandwidth and network speed is applicable people will be able to use more of the network dedicated to each mobile phone.Finally, successful to apply trial works a fruitful outcome after implementation of the project solution. There was no missing of protection tools on trackside area within the trial period. With the safety-first culture boosted by us, I believe we can achieve a common goal: Everyone Going Home Safe and Well Every day.


Railway Trackside Safety, QR code, Network Centralized Storage, 5G Mobile Network