Volume 12, Number 5

Comparison of Rendering Processes on 3D Model


Filip Popovski1, Nikola Spasov1, Svetlana Mijakovska1 and Gorica Popovska Nalevska2, 1SS KlimentOhridski, Macedonia, 2International Slavic University Gavrilo RomanovicDerzavin, Macedonia


Creating 3D vehicle model is complex process that requires basic knowledge of polygonal modeling.In this research, environment map is used as lighting with HDRI image.The final process of converting 3D scene to 2D image is called rendering.Image data will be obtained in four ways with various toolsets used in 3ds Max. They are: Scaneline, V-Ray, Mental Ray and Corona Renderer. At final step was made critical analysis on all of these techniques on the same computer system and excellent results were obtained.


Modeling, Real Time Rendering, Computer design, 3d Software, 3ds Max.