Volume 12, Number 6

Determining Business Intelligence Usage Success


Javier N. Montero and Mary L. Lind, Defense Information Systems Agency, USA, Louisiana State University Shreveport, USA


Business intelligence systems are highly complex systems that senior executives use to process vast amounts of information when making decisions. Business intelligence systems are rarely used to their full potential due to a poor understanding of the factors that contribute to system success. Organizations using business intelligence systems frequently find that it is not easy to evaluate the effectiveness of these systems, and researchers have noted that there is limited scholarly and practical understanding of how quality factors affect information use within these systems. This quantitative post positivist research used the information system (IS) success model to analyze how information quality and system quality influence information use in business intelligence systems. This study was also designed to investigate the moderating effects of maturity constructs (i.e., data sources and analytical capabilities) on the relationships between quality factors and information use.


Business Intelligence, information quality, system quality, systems maturity.