Volume 13, Number 1

Applying Genetic Algorithm to Solve Partitioning and Mapping Problem for Mesh Network-on-Chip Systems


Walid Mokthar Salh and Azeddien M. Sllame, University of Tripoli Tripoli, Libya


This paper presents a genetic based approach to the partitioning and mapping of multicore SoC cores over a NoC system that uses mesh topology. The proposed algorithm performs the partitioning and mapping by reducing communication cost and minimizing power consumption by placing those intercommunicated cores as close as possible together. A program developed in C++ in which the provided specification of the multicore MPSoC system captures all data dependencies before any start of the design process. Experimental results of several multimedia benchmarks demonstrates that the genetic-based approach able to find different satisfied implementations to the problem of partitioning and mapping of MPSoC cores over mesh-based NoC system that satisfies design goals.


Network-on-Chip, Multicore, Partitioning, Mesh topology, Genetic algorithm.