Volume 13, Number 1

Application of a Multilevel Technology Acceptance Management Model for Effective Technology Deployment


Gilbert Busolo, Lawrence Nderu and Kennedy Ogada, Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, Kenya


Effective deployment of a technology in an environment is the desire of many system developers. Positive uptake of a technology coupled with user acceptance is deemed as a key indicator towards technology acceptance. Knowledge is weighed as a strategic resource for any successful data driven decision making initiative. Institutions leverage on technological initiatives and tools to drive knowledge management (KM) initiatives that enhance quality service delivery and prudent data management. These initiatives provide the overall strategy for managing data resources. They make available knowledge organization tools and techniques while enabling regular updates. Derived benefits of positive deployment of a technological intervention are competency enhancement through gained knowledge, raised quality of service and promotion of healthy development of e-commerce. Successful and timely adoption of technological interventions through which knowledge management initiatives are deployed remains a key challenge to many organizations. This paper proposes the application of a wholesome multilevel technology acceptance management model towards effective technology deployment. The proposed model takes into account human, technological and organizational variables, which exist in a deployment environment. This model will be vital in driving early technology acceptance prediction and timely deployment of mitigation measures to deploy technological interventions successfully.


Model, Technology Acceptance, Knowledge, Management, Multilevel.