Volume 13, Number 5

Blockchain Technology in Agriculture: A Case Study of Blockchain Start-Up Companies


Chandra Sekhar Bhusal, Information Technology and Physical Sciences Federation University, Australia


Agriculture is one of the areas where blockchain technology could bring a revolution by solving the existing problem of Agri-product fraud, its traceability, price manipulation, and lack of customer trust in the product. This paper aims to demonstrate the potential application of blockchain technology in the agriculture industry and how it could address the existing issues by surveying the existing paper and following case studies of the blockchain start-up companies. Blockchain technology shows a promising approach to fostering a safer, better, more sustainable, and dependable agri-foods system in the future. While the application of blockchain in agriculture is in the initial phase and faces various issues like cost of implementation, privacy, security scalability, performance, and infancy, it can bring a revolution in the agriculture industry.


Blockchain Technology, Trust, Transparency, Security, Traceability.