Volume 13, Number 5

Circuit Break Connect Monitoring to 5G Mobile Application


Ton Tsang and Cheung Yip Kan, Hong Kong College of Technology, Hong Kong


Along by a continuous improvement to composite electronic devices, a safety to technicians takes additionally become the matter to good concern, as a result to technicians' lives is in jeopardy while their work through shutting down circuit breakers, even that even once the breaker takes been switched off, someone will inadvertently flip to while a technician remains working. That should be a system to guarantee safety that technicians. Also, individuals do not love switching all the time toward turn on / off appliances like fans/lighting/air conditioners. It ends in wasted energy thanks to unnecessarily placing the instrument. To address these issues, we tend to come up through the system through mobile app-controlled circuit breakers that degrade wireless management to home appliances to hunt down a golem app. That replaces a traditional breaker through the mobile app-controlled system in the on / off system, where no one will activate the breaker, while not the word. The remote of home appliances helps a user to save electricity. That enhances a quality of life and luxury. Additionally, a system includes the home security mechanism against drone intrusion using the mobile app-controlled door lock system besides the mechanism that sleuthing dangerous gas leaks. A formation of the system subtracts the degree of victim associate ESP 32 microcontroller, the Bluetooth module, matrix 4x4 keyboards, and the paraffin gas detector associate with a golem mobile application. The entire system is usually compact systems.


ESP 32, BT, mobile app, fire alarm, machine-controlled door lock, word-controlled breaker I.