Volume 13, Number 6

Provides an Approach based on Adaptive Forwarding and Label Switching to Improve the Speed
of Packet Forwarding in NDN Networks


Hadis Rezaei, Sahar Sadeghi and Leila Badeli,Science and Research Tehran Branch, Iran


Named Data Networking (NDN) is a recently designed Internet architecture that benefits data names instead of locations and creates essential changes in the abstraction of network services from "delivering packets to specific destinations” to "retrieving data with special names" makes. This fundamental change creates new opportunities and intellectual challenges in all areas, especially network routing and communication, communication security, and privacy. The focus of this dissertation is on the forwarding aircraft feature introduced by NDN. Communication in NDN is done by exchanging interest and data packets. Consumers send interest packets to request data, routers send them based on the data prefix name, and manufacturers respond with data packets exactly how interest is received. During this process, routers maintain information about the status of suspended interests. As regards NDN is still in its early stage, none of these strong efficiency features have done systematically designed, measured, or tracked in data retrieval and multi-path detection. This paper tries to improve transport performance by combining label switching with adaptive transport methods. For this purpose, in addition to RTT, another timer called T is used, an RTT factor for interface rating. And uses the BDP to choose the best interface to respond to interest. During this process, response time, throughput, and data recovery time are improved by 12%, 10%, and 5%, respectively.


NDN, BDP, RTT, CCN, Ranking interfaces, Name label Switching.