Volume 13, Number 6

SECURETI: Advanced SDLC and Project Management Tool for TI (Philippines)


Amelie Anne Gutierrez, Holy Angel University, Philippines


There are essential security considerations in the systems used by semiconductor companies like TI. Along with other semiconductor companies, TI has recognized that IT security is highly crucial during web application developers' system development life cycle (SDLC). The challenges faced by TI web developers were consolidated via questionnaires starting with how risk management and secure coding can be reinforced in SDLC; and how to achieve IT Security, PM and SDLC initiatives by developing a prototype which was evaluated considering the aforementioned goals. This study aimed to practice NIST strategies by integrating risk management checkpoints in the SDLC; enforce secure coding using static code analysis tool by developing a prototype application mapped with IT Security goals, project management and SDLC initiatives and evaluation of the impact of the proposed solution. This paper discussed how SecureTI was able to satisfy IT Security requirements in the SDLC and PM phases.


Security, SDLC, project management, NIST, static analysis.