Volume 13, Number 6

Creating 3D Models with 3D Printing Process


Filip Popovski1, Svetlana Mijakovska1, Hristina Dimova Popovska2 and Gorica Popovska Nalevska3, 1SS Kliment Ohridski, R. Macedonia, 2SABA High School, R. Macedonia, 3International Slavic University Gavrilo Romanovic Derzavin, R. Macedonia


This scientific paper will cover the process of creating two 3D objects, accompanied by a brief history of 3D printing technology, designing the model in CAD software, saving in appropriate format supported by the 3D printer, features of technology and the printer, materials from which the object can be made and examples where the products created by the 3D printing process can be applied. The printing of models was made by the studio "Xtrude Design & 3D Print" in Skopje. Two 3D models have been printed. A creative model of intertwined 4 triangles in STL file format has been made, which will be transferred and printed with PLA material. The model with the heart on the stand is printed with popular FDM process also with PLA material which is biodegradable and environmentally friendly. Both models are printed on Anet A8 3D printer. Different printing times, layer thicknesses and cost price of producion we have in our research.


Modeling, 3D Printing, Computer design, 3D Software, Materials.