Volume 14, Number 2

Smsecurity: Security System and SMS Notification Cum Face Recognition


Winston G. Domingo1, Arnold Dela Cruz2, Klaida Nicolas2, Jennifer A. Gamay MIT2, Erwin N. Lardizabal2 and Virdi C. Gonzales3, 1Quirino State University, Philippines, 2Cagayan Valley Computer and Information Technology, Philippines, 3Southern Isabela Medical Center, Philippines


This study used the Rapid Application Development (RAD) Methodology ensured that the phases in system development are done in the software building process. A prototype was developed that is used in the pilot implementation and a questionnaire has been distributed to the respondents to gather the information that can be used to determine if the functions of the system can benefit the owner/user. The findings revealed t that the system requires functional requirements such as; the user must be computer literate and knowledgeable on how the security system works, the location must have a Telecommunication signal and USB dongle must have loaded. Non-functional requirements such as; easy to use and high cost but can be useful; Hardware and Software Requirements with the latest version of the software with the help of computers that has higher specifications that the user/homeowner requires to have a user account to access and operate the system the system has good technical performance as to functionality, reliability, efficiency, and usability. Furthermore, the system entailed efficiency and was easy to use by the respondents.


SMSecurity, Face Recognition, SMS Notification, Security System, Prototype, Surveillance Security, Face Recognition.