Volume 14, Number 2

Remote Work and Innovation During this Covid-19 Pandemic: An Employers’ Challenge


Bibhu Dash, University of the Cumberlands, USA


The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is rapidly transforming the remote work culture of many organizations. The demand for online work-from-home has significantly increased during this pandemic. Though it has a significant advantage in eliminating travel time and positively impacting the environment and productive family time, some organizations raise the alarm over the new work style patterns. We discuss some organizational survey results and perspective employees permanently working from home. Some responses have a solid negative relationship on how the work from home affects their organization's innovative culture and work habits. But at the same time, some have expressed positive views and show a strong promise of a cultural shift with sustainable growth. Furthermore, we analyse the present and future pandemic era and how the C-level executives at each organization take the challenge forward to get maximum returns in this competitive global marketplace.


Innovation, COVID-19, work culture, digitalization, sustainability, C-Suite reset, WFH, employee safety.