Volume 14, Number 2

User Experience Evaluation of a Student Information System


Asaad Alzayed and Bareeq Alghannam, Public Authority for Applied Education and Trainin, Kuwait


Today's academic environment, many students use technology as an integral aspect of their studies; as a result, higher education (HE) institutions have been compelled to design student information systems (SIS) that can facilitate students' online learning processes. However, SIS must be aligned with user needs and should provide a pleasant user experience (UX) that enables students to attain their goals. The current research looked at how students rated an SIS. The study was based on the responses of 307 students at Kuwait's College of Business Studies (CBS) provided within a questionnaire. The survey's findings revealed that students had a generally favourable impression of the SIS, with perceptions of the pragmatic quality of the system being somewhat higher than the perceptions of hedonic quality. The findings of this research may be valuable to authorities working to design improved SIS, particularly in terms of the hedonic system components.


Student Information System, Usability, e-learning, Higher Education, Information and Communication Technology, HE.