Volume 14, Number 3

Formal Specification for Implementing Atomic Read/Write Shared Memory
in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Using the Mobile Unity


Reham.A.Shihata, EL Menoufia University, Egypt


The Geoquorum approach for implementing atomic read/write shaved memory in mobile ad hoc networks. This problem in distributed computing is revisited in the new setting provided by the emerging mobile computing technology. A simple solution tailored for use in ad hoc networks is employed as a vehicle for demonstrating the applicability of formal requirements and design strategies to the new field of mobile computing. The approach of this paper is based on well understood techniques in specification refinement, but the methodology is tailored to mobile applications and help designers address novel concerns such as logical mobility, the invocations, specific conditions constructs. The proof logic and programming notation of mobile UNITY provide the intellectual tools required to carryout this task. Also, the quorum systems are investigated in highly mobile networks in order to reduce the communication cost associated with each distributed operation.


Formal Specification, Mobility, Mobile Ad Hoc Networks, the Quorum Systems.