Volume 14, Number 3

The Digital Carbon Footprint: Threat to an Environmentally Sustainable Future


Pawankumar Sharma and Bibhu Dash, University of the Cumberlands, USA


With digitalization at its peak, every online action we take has an environmental impact. There is a growing concern about the world's ever-increasing carbon emission due to technological advancement. The vast majority of human actions have been proved harmful to the environment. This effect has been mostly tied to available carbon emissions. On the other hand, recent findings have raised awareness of digital carbon emissions. These harmful emissions represent the available CO2 emissions rate resulting from generic digitization concepts. The advancement of technology has considerably contributed to CO2 emissions. This study paper discusses the total effects of carbon emissions. It also shows the rates of carbon emissions caused by the tech industry worldwide. The article describes how digital services have boosted carbon emissions and the number of regions affected by the higher rates. The study focuses on the relationship between carbon emissions and digitization, remedies to the problem, and an overall analysis of the global digital carbon footprint.


Digitalization, Digital carbon footprint, CO2 emission, Global warming, NARDL Approach, FD & CO2 emission nexus, Sustainability.