Volume 14, Number 4

A Short Survey on Constructing an IoT based Intelligent Road System


F. O. Okorodudu, G. C. Omede, S. A. Otegbalor, Delta State University, Nigeria


Road construction is a crucial component of modern infrastructure since it greatly facilitates travel between various areas.Sustainability, Progress, and Transformation refer to the upgrading of roads employing communication, lighting, and control transmission mechanisms that may promote sustainability, road progress, and a better driving experience for users.Smart roads that are connected to the Internet of Things (IoT) devices make it possible to drive more efficiently, sustainably, and safely.For this reason, the range of smart road technology like actuators, sensors, and solar power along with software infrastructures like Artificial Intelligence and big data are now made standard in all new roads. This article provides a framework for patients to employ speech-to-text chatbots to conduct treatment. Using chat-box technology, we have implemented cognitive therapy as a solution.


smart road, sensor, raspberry pi, connectivity, Arduino.