Volume 14, Number 4

Impact of Pandemic on E-Commerce in Asia


Bilal Ahmed Wani and Noor Azizah BT. Mohamad Ali, Kulliyyah of Information and Communication Technology International Islamic University of Malaysia, Malaysia


The primary objective of this study is to investigate the impact that the coronavirus known as Covid-19 has had on the e-commerce in Asia. Coronavirus, one of the most lethal viruses currently known, is responsible for the deaths of many people. This indicates that the rate of economic growth in the nation has slowed down. On a very large scale, it has nearly completely disrupted all other kinds of businesses, including the e-commerce company. Most outlets owned by major merchants had been closed indefinitely. Aside from that, the situation is difficult for medium and small-sized enterprises (SMEs) since there are less customers shopping at their stores. Additionally, e-commerce companies should not be excluded from consideration. Additionally, Asia has a significant negative impact on them. China is the primary source of more than half of the goods items sold by many online retailers. As a result, it is presumable that this lethal virus will have a significant influence on the internet commerce conducted across Asia, particularly about the sale of Chinese goods. A survey was carried out as part of this study, and primary research was carried out as well, to get a more fruitful conclusion. The findings showed that most goods originate in China, and most industries are under lockdown, which implies that no items are imported or exported. This was shown by the fact that most industries are closed.


e-commerce, Pandemic, Asia, Covid-19.