Volume 11, Number 6

Review of Machine Learning Applications and Datasets in Classification of Acute Leukemia


Jaishree Ranganathan, Middle Tennessee State University, USA


Cancer is an extremely heterogenous disease. Leukemia is a cancer of the white blood cells and some other cell types. Diagnosing leukemia is laborious in a multitude of areas including heamatology. Machine Learning (ML) is the branch of Artificial Intelligence. There is an emerging trend in ML models for data classification. This review aimed to describe the literature of ML in the classification of datasets for acute leukemia. In addition to describing the existing literature, this work aims to identify different sources of publicly available data that could be utilised for research and development of intelligent machine learning applications for classification. To best of the knowledge there is no such work that contributes such information to the research community.


Machine Learning, Oncology, Data Repository, Leukemia, Cancer.