Volume 9, Number 1

A Business Intelligence Platform Implemented in a Big Data System Embedding
Data Mining: A Case of Study


Alessandro Massaro, Valeria Vitti, Palo Lisco, Angelo Galiano and Nicola Savino, Dyrecta Lab, IT Research Laboratory, Italy


In this work is discussed a case study of a business intelligence –BI- platform developed within the framework of an industry project by following research and development –R&D- guidelines of ‘Frascati’. The proposed results are a part of the output of different jointed projects enabling the BI of the industry ACI Global working mainly in roadside assistance services. The main project goal is to upgrade the information system, the knowledge base –KB- and industry processes activating data mining algorithms and big data systems able to provide gain of knowledge. The proposed work concerns the development of the highly performing Cassandra big data system collecting data of two industry location. Data are processed by data mining algorithms in order to formulate a decision making system oriented on call center human resources optimization and on customer service improvement. Correlation Matrix, Decision Tree and Random Forest Decision Tree algorithms have been applied for the testing of the prototype system by finding a good accuracy of the output solutions. The Rapid Miner tool has been adopted for the data processing. The work describes all the system architectures adopted for the design and for the testing phases, providing information about Cassandra performance and showing some results of data mining processes matching with industry BI strategies.


Big Data Systems, Cassandra Big Data, Data Mining, Correlation Matrix, Decision Tree, Frascati Guideline.