Volume 9, Number 1

The Balance Between Social Life and Work and its Relationship with Work Stress – An Applied Study on the Ministry of Youth and Sports Affairs In the Kingdom of Bahrain


Najwa Naseeb Saad Faraj1, Atheelah Al Azzawi2, Saad Darwish3, Horiya Al Deeb4
1West Riffa Secondary Girls School, Kingdom of Bahrain 2, 4Applied Science University (ASU), Kingdom of Bahrain 3Kingdom University, Kingdom of Bahrain


The aim of this research is to identify the degree of the balance between social life and work and to measure the level of work stress of the employees of the Ministry of Youth and Sports Af airs in the Kingdom of Bahrain. One hundred employees were surveyed through a random stratified sample. The analysis is based on the outcomes of the questionnaire survey that was given out to a representative sample in the ministry. The researchers hypothesized that there is a significant relationship between the balance of social life, work, and work stress for the employees in the Ministry. Findings revealed the existence of work stress that resulted in work pressure. Employees see their commitment to the vocational rules contributed to improving their professional performance. Management considers the capabilities and skills of the employees when they are assigned to work on tasks.Based on findings, there are some recommendations, including the need for workshops and training sessions to help employees to overcome work stress and deal with multiple teams.


Social life and work, work stress, conflict, Kingdom of Bahrain