Volume 9, Number 4

Implementation of Risk Analyzer Model for Undertaking the Risk Analysis of Proposed Building
Projects for A Selected Client


Ibrahim Yakubu, Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University, Nigeria


The model of RISK ANALYZER was implemented as Knowledge-based System for the purpose of undertaking risk analysis for proposed construction projects in a selected domain. The Fuzzy Decision Variables (FDVs) that cause differences between initial and final contract sums of building projects were identified, the likelihood of the occurrence of the risks were determined and a Knowledge-Based System that would rank the risks was constructed using JAVA programming language and Graphic User Interface. The Knowledge-Based System is composed a Knowledge Base for storing data, an Inference Engine for controlling and directing the use of knowledge for problem-solution, and a User Interface that assists the user retrieve, use and alter data in the Knowledge Base. The developed Knowledge-Based System was compiled, implemented and validated with data of previously completed projects. The client could utilize the Knowledge-Based System to undertake proposed building projects.


RISK ANALYZER, Risk analysis, Knowledge-Based Systems, JAVA, Graphic User Interface