Volume 9, Number 5

A Case Study of Process Engineering of Operations In Working Sites Through Data
Mining and Augmented Reality


Alessandro Massaro1,*, Angelo Galiano1, Antonio Mustich1, Daniele Convertini1, VincenzoMaritati1, Antonia Colonna1, Nicola Savino1, Angela Pace2, Leo Iaquinta2, 1Dyrecta Lab, Italy and 2SO.CO.IN. SYSTEM srl, Italy


In this paper is analyzed the design of a software platform concerning a case study of process engineering involving the simultaneous adoption of data digitation, Data Mining –DM- processing, and Augmented Reality -AR-. Specifically is discussed the platform design able to upgrade the Knowledge Base –KBenabling production process optimizations in working sites. The KB is gained by following ‘Frascati’ research guidelines addressing the possible ways to achieve the Knowledge Gain –KG-. The technologies such as AR and data entry mobile app are tailored in order to apply innovative data mining algorithms. In the first part of the paper is commented the preliminary project specifications, besides, in the second part, are shown the use cases, the unified modeling language –UML- models, and the mobile app mockups enabling KG. The proposed work discusses preliminary results of an industry project.


Frascati Guideline, Knowledge Base Gain, Data Mining, Augmented Reality.