Volume 9, Number 5

Access and Connection Via Tech Data as an Enabler Af A Thin or Nonexistent Market


Bathabile S C Amirchand, Founder Gropeedy App, South Africa


This study provides a prototype of Real estate listing mobile application that has the capability to organize, store, maintain and search data from a Mobile Device such as android or iOS. This application helps the household owners to list their properties without any cost. This system comprises of a mobile app, Central Database, Satellite database and offline database system. It consists of software that combines one or more servers to the computer as well as to the Mobile user, making it a Mobile app and A Web Browser. Apple Mac OSX working framework can also be utilized to make this framework. This Suite of apparatuses involves graphical UI (GUI) based applications, command- line instruments, and documentation to help in the product advancement process. This will pave a way to formalize the much-neglected Former Homelands (Village Sector) and facilitate the development of an inclusive real estate Evaluation Data, thus, enabling access to areas where there has been no base price until now.


Data, Application, Real-estate, Technology, Connection and System