Volume 12, Number 2

A Novel Remote Access Control for the Real-time Streaming Data of IP Cameras


Kuen-Liang Sue and Ting-Yuan Wu, National Central University Taoyuan, Taiwan


The massive consumer often has security concerns about Internet transmissions, and the remote access of the IP Camera is also full of challenges from the consumer market for privacy and security. In this context, when the user account of the security monitoring system is maliciously used, the security protection mechanism provided by the IP Camera itself is one of the topics most concerned to consumers. In order to improve the security of the remote connection of IP Camera, based on SIP protocol and practical experience, this study designs a set of feasible processes for the management of public key, which will help consumers protect their privacy rights in using the security monitoring system and the security when remotely operating the IP Camera. Finally, the experiment results prove that it will not impact the users’ experience when accessing the IP Camera remotely.


IP Camera, P2P, Authentication, SIP, Digital Signature