Volume 12, Number 3

A Context-aware Strategy for Mobile Services in M-commerce


Kuen-Liang Sue, National Central University Taoyuan, Taiwan


Due to mobile communication technologies, the novel mobile commerce is coming true. The contextaware service is one of the most potential mobile commerce. The data about mobile users and their surroundings are recognized and collected, which are used to provide the services they may be interested. Fuzzy logical processing model are utilized to make basic data correspond to the mobile users’ high-level information, so the recognition of their behaviours and situations could be inferred in our research. The numerical examples are also illustrated in our scheme. Based on the results of our activity recognition mechanism, it is possible to automatically discover and transmit the contents or services that users require in specific scenarios. Therefore, more and more novel mobile applications are coming true. To sum up, the proposed scheme is supposed to enhance context-aware services and provide more attractive life styles.


Mobile commerce, Context-aware service, Activity recognition