Volume 13, Number 4

Map Reduce based on Cloak DHT Data Replication Evaluation


Mamadou Diarra and Telesphore Tiendrebeogo, Nazi Boni University, Burkina Faso


Distributed databases and data replication are effective ways to increase the accessibility and reliability of un-structured, semi-structured and structured data to extract new knowledge. Replications offer better performance and greater availability of data. With the advent of Big Data, new storage and processing challenges are emerging.

To meet these challenges, Hadoop and DHTs compete in the storage domain and MapReduce and others in distributed processing, with their strengths and weaknesses.

We propose an analysis of the circular and radial replication mechanisms of the CLOAK DHT. We evaluate their performance through a comparative study of data from simulations. The results show that radial replication is better in storage, unlike circular replication, which gives better search results.


Replication, Big Data, MapReduce, CLOAK DHT, Load balancing.