Volume 15, Number 1

A Review of the Use of R Programming for data Science Research in Botswana


Simisani Ndaba, University of Botswana, Botswana


R is widely used by researchers in the statistics field and academia. In Botswana, it is used in a few research for data analysis. The paper aims to synthesis research conducted in Botswana that has used R programming for data analysis and to demonstrate to data scientists, the R community in Botswana and internationally the gaps and applications in practice in research work using R in the context of Botswana. The paper followed the PRISMA methodology and the articles were taken from information technology databases. The findings show that research conducted in Botswana that use R programming were used in Health Care, Climatology, Conservation and Physical Geography, with R part as the most used R package across the research areas. It was also found that a lot of R packages are used in Health care for genomics, plotting, networking and classification was the common model used across research areas.


R Programming, Botswana, R Package, Research Area, Data Analysis.