Volume 10, Number 4

The Teachers Experience of Practice-based Education in Hybrid Delivery Mode


Felicity Molloy, Independent Academic, New Zealand


Rapid eLearning implementation at a New Zealand-based natural therapies’ college provides space for academic reflection. The aim is to utilise a formative assessment to explore hybrid-delivery through practitioner-educator and somatics lenses. Somathodology, an experiential methodology binds a triquetra of themes and theories, generating memory and reflections of experiencing pedagogy, and where eLearning situates experienced practitioner-come-educators at the border of their field of enquiry. I engage with the methodology to write first-person research. Social theories focus the account on embodied work. Journal writing and imaginary letters are criticality devices; what Laurel Richardson describes as the 5th kind of narrative. Evidence-based healthcare is compared with naturopathy care. Novel insights are discussed about how somatic attributes of awareness, breathing, and listening signal an emerging trend for disciplinary connection, and autonomous identity. Naturopathy clinical education in an eLearning setting become embodying sites of co-construction and livestream formative process, a critical pedagogical event.


Practice-based education, Hybrid pedagogy, Somatics.